Singapore- Best country to live and work
1.       Safety:
Singapore is safest country on this world.
2.       Transport:
fleet of bus and Mart covering every part of small island country makes your
travel really fast and convenient.
3.       Food:
Indian, Chinese, Malay, western etc you will find all food to try. Most maha pharma of the
Singaporeans don’t prefer to cook and hence they eat out on daily basis. What I
mean every block of housing society will have their very affordable Food
4.       Culture:
A country mixes of three cultures what else you want to see. Singaporean respects
every culture and every religion weather it’s Chinese New Year or Hari Raya or
Diwali it’s celebrated by everyone.
5.        crime: crime free country .
6.       Tourism:
its pretty tourist friendly with lot of places to explore and enjoy right from Santos,
universal studio, Jargon Bird Park, Marina Bay to night safari there is lot to
7.       Rent:
it’s normal when you compare it with any other country infect it’s getting
cheap with every passing month in 2017.
8.       Groceries:
Cheap and daily available with many 24*7 outlets of Fairprice and giants.
9.       Taxation:
would you believe it’s just 15% tax you pay when you work here as expat.
10.    Travel:
you can use it as base to travel all across Asia.


 If you’re thinking about moving abroad but are
risk averse, the results of a new survey suggest putting Singapore at the top
of your destinations shortlist.
 Because for the second year in a row, Singapore has been
named the best destination in Explorer survey, which aims to shed light on the
countries that offer the best career opportunities and quality of life for
foreigners looking to move abroad.
city-state is particularly promising for professionals looking to advance their
career and add more income to their pocketbooks, as 62 per cent of  people living in Singapore agreed it’s a good
place to live peacefully.
same proportion — about three in five — said they saw their earnings rise after
moving to Singapore.
the average income among expats globally is US$97,000 (RM400,000), expats in
Singapore average US$139,000.
more, nearly a quarter (23 per cent) earn more than US$200,000.
expats living in Singapore are particularly happy with the quality of education
as three-quarters deemed it better than the education system back home — the
highest proportion in the world.
66 per cent said that their quality of life improved after moving to Singapore
compared to their lives at home, compared to the global average of 52 per cent.
out the top five spots on the list is New Zealand, Canada, Czech Republic and
the top 10 list is dominated by countries in Europe. The US is ranked 30th.
Singapore took the overall title, other countries were singled out for topping
specific categories.
the category of ‘experience,’ for instance, New Zealand topped the charts.
Expats praised the country’s environment for its air and water quality, and
agreed that integration in the country is largely a smooth process.
When it comes to family
life consider Sweden, where three-quarters of respondents rated their
children’s quality of life and education better than their lives back home.
Respondents also praised the country’s childcare system.
reports published this year have ranked the best countries for expats looking
for love (Ecuador), retirement (Panama), and quality of living (Vienna).
Here are the best
countries for expats in the ninth edition of the HSBC Expat Explorer survey:
1. Singapore
2. New Zealand
3. Canada
4. Czech Republic
5. Switzerland
6. Norway
7. Austria
8. Sweden
9. Bahrain
10. Germany — AFP-Relax


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