Study In Singapore 

Singapore- “Smaller the nation, widest the education opportunities.”

Singapore is mainly famous for its Universities and Colleges and friendly environment .the nation might be small but the scene gets really big when it comes to education opportunities in Singapore.


Singapore focus on its high standard of teaching with research opportunities. This small countries has huge impacts on international students in terms of education quality.


No wonder that it has emerged as a popular destination for higher education among students across the world!


Singapore is a popular study abroad destination for Indian students as well. Number of international students is increasing every year.


Education System In Singapore


Singapore, not only provide you high quality of education. It also emphasis on innovation and creativity leads to future of student.  

Courses in Singapore

Study in Singapore from India, choosing from a wide spectrum of courses as mentioned here. Students have scope to pursue education in diverse fields of specialization such as:


•Architecture and Building

•Agriculture and Environment

•Creative Arts, Communication, and Design

•MBA, Business and Management

•Arts, Social Science and Humanities

•IT and Computing

•Engineering & Sciences

•Tourism, Hotel and Food Management


•Health, Veterinary Studies and Medicine 

Living Cost and Tuition Fees

Singapore’s fast-growing economy and modern lifestyle has contributed to a high cost of living. Cost of education is also among the highest in Asia. However, it is still an inexpensive option when compared to UK or Australia. Currently, annual tuition fees average around approximately US $11, 800.


The tuition fee for a Diploma in specified fields is only US $8,068 annually.


Transport costs within Singapore vary between SGD $100 – $150 (Rs.5,000 – 7,500) if you stick to just buses and train. The rail and bus network is quite extensive so you can balance your cost of living in Singapore by using these modes of traveling.


However, the good news for Indian students is that 52% of international students in Singapore are eligible for financial aid from top Singapore banks.


(SGD = Singapore Dollar)

Living in Singapore

Singapore is a multi-cultural nation. It’s also one of the safest places to live in and one of the most student friendly countries. Students can experience a vibrant lifestyle, with modern facilities such as healthcare, leisure and entertainment, transportation, and civic amenities.

Another great thing about being a student in Singapore is you can travel to other Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam) on a frugal budget. There are also regular flights from India to Singapore, which ensures a hassle-free experience for students. 

Important Facts about Singapore

Singapore is an island country made up of 63 islands. The highly developed market based economy makes Singapore world’s 4th leading financial sector. A vibrant mix of culture and traditions along with modernism and urbanization, Singapore is a perfect tourist attraction as well as a study destination for the international students for higher education.


Capital – Singapore City   

Language – Chinese (Mandarin), Malay, Tamil, English

Official Currency – Singapore Dollar  (SGD)

Climate – Singapore is hot & humid all year round. Daily temperatures range from 23-31 degrees Celsius. The hottest period is from May to August.

Time Difference– 2.5 hours ahead of Indian Standard Time (IST)

Literacy – around 96%