Study in Singapore without IELTS
In the recent years Singapore has became one of the most lovable  cities in the world. With swiftly   growing economy and increasing manpower
needs, more and more students are choosing Singapore for their higher studies.
Indian students can apply for study in Singapore without IELTS.
Singapore’s official language is English and this provides non-English students
a consecutive environment to learn and improve their English. The students, who
want to come to study in Singapore without IELTS, need only to come to
Singapore to apply s pass. This simplified process also has a higher approval
rate as compared to other countries.

Foundation Programmers in Singapore without IELTS

The students who have studied
for less than 13 years are required to take an additional year of study before
taking higher education study which is known as University Foundation
Programmers. These foundation programmers are designed to provide an entry
point to students who want to apply for study in Singapore without IELTS to
meet the entry requirements.
These programmers in Singapore wrap
many meadow providing students with the ability and capabilities to take up
undergraduate degree programs in Hospitality & Tourism. University
Foundation Program is a 6-, 9- or 11-month program of study that helps
international students fulfill language and academic essential for university

Study Opportunities in Singapore without IELTS

Singapore is excessively popular
for students who wish to study in Singapore without IELTS in courses like most
important hospitality & tourism. With its highly reasonable education &
excellent courses in Hospitality & Tourism, it has become an excellent
study destination for Indian students.
A Foundation programmer in
Singapore is designed to fill the gap between the current level of
qualification and knowledge needed for further studies. There foundation
courses or preparatory courses open various study opportunities for students in
the field of hospitality and tourism and business.

 Hospitality Programmers in Singapore

These programmers arrange students with important skills required to be successful
in hospitality industry. Students can apply for these programmers to study in
Singapore without IELTS. The maximum course duration for these courses are from
9 months to 12 months depending upon the type of course. The colleges and
institute allows students to furnish
them with a compassionate of the nature of the Hospitality Industry in a
practical and operational aspect. The duration of Internship is 6 months.
Students will be paid an allowance or salary per month. The top courses
available in the field of Hospitality & Tourism in Singapore are as
Diploma in Food and Beverage
Diploma In Hospitality
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in
International Hospitality Management.

 Some other short term courses in this field which are as follows :

/ Dairy / Food & Drink Processing
Science & Technology
& Catering
& Travel

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