What are Tinning Programs?

Twinning programs allow students to study a portion of their qualification in India, and then transfer to UITM, Poland to complete their studies.


Duration of twinning programmes:

  • Bachelor Degree: 2 semesters in India and 4 semesters in Poland.
  • Master Degree: 1 semester in India and 3 semesters in Poland. 
  • The credits a student accumulates, the material which they cover and the skills they acquire can be transferred, so they can pick up their studies  abroad.


The flexibility of twinning programs are hugely attractive. The main reason why twinning programs are becoming so popular is because they are a cheaper alternative to studying overseas for 3-4 years. Indian students can live at home while studying the beginning of their course in the country, allowing them to save money for when they do move overseas to complete their course. Living costing India are significantly less than in Poland.

Also studying in India as part of a twinning programe will significantly reduce your costs over the 3-4 years you are studying.


WHERE CAN YOU STUDY A TWINNING PROGRAM? Shine Future Worldwide Consultants have been validated by UITM, Rzeszow, Poland to offer the above twinning programs in India. DOUBLE DEGREES THAT CAN BE EARNED BY STUDENTS OF UITM, RZESZOW, POLAND UITM students can earn a degree from a number of well � known universities in the USA and Europe. There are several double degree programs offered by UITM at no extra charge in the following fields: Information Technology, Computer Graphics and Animation, International Business, Business Administration, MBA, Hospitality Management, Leisure and Tourism, Public Health, Paramedic studies, Journalism and Social Communication, European Studies. For further information refer to the website.