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Under study visas

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Most worldwide understudies need an understudy visa to concentrate in the UK. Seeing if you need a visa to consider is simple – essentially check here on GOV.UK .

Your understudy visa will permit you to live and concentrate in the UK all through your course.

In the event that you go to a pre-takeoff instructions in your nation of origin, you will get increasingly convenient tips on your visa application. English Council holds pre-flight briefings in numerous nations. To discover progressively about these occasions in your nation of origin, go to the British Council site and select your nation starting from the drop menu.

Kinds of understudy visa


On the off chance that you are 16 or over and need to learn at advanced education level, you’ll have to apply for a Tier 4 (General) understudy visa.

You have to hold up until you have a proposal from a college or school before applying for your Tier 4 (General) understudy visa. Your college or school will at that point have the option to give you a report called a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). To do this, your picked organization should be affirmed by the UK government as an ‘authorized Tier 4 support’.


Momentary examination visas are accessible to understudies who need to join courses that are as long as a half year long or English language courses as long as 11 months in length.

Discover increasingly about momentary investigation visas .

Would i be able to work in the UK on an investigation visa?

Numerous universal understudies in the UK take low maintenance work, work position or temporary job nearby their investigations. The hours and sort of work you do will rely upon the kind of visa and your supporting college or school.