Student Visa / Study Visa

With long periods of experience and ability, SFWWC UniSearch has developed as one of the main instruction and professional counseling organizations from India. The prime goal at SFWWC UniSearch is to address the need of giving help to emigrating Indian experts and students.

On the off chance that you have the question, we have the arrangement! At SFWWC, we provide you a one-stop solution to all your queries and doubts. Our service is focused on your prosperity and we bend over backward to furnish you with the hustle free visa process. The main exertion required from your side is ‘trust in us’!

At SFWWC, we provide you various services to fulfill your dream of study abroad effortlessly!

Meet representatives from different universities

At SFWWC, students get an opportunity to meet representatives from different universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Poland,  France, Latvia, Spain, and Dubai.

Direct interviews
Direct interviews are arranged with the representatives of different universities which further boosts the confidence in the students.

Assistance in selecting the University
Complete assistance is provided to students in selecting the university. Keeping in mind their capabilities, skills, and requirements, the best is drawn out for them.

Assistance in Course selection
Proper advice is provided to students in the process of course selection keeping in view their educational qualification.

Experts’ Advice
At SFWWC Unisearch you get an opportunity to have a face to face interaction with expert Directors and counselors having significant experience and background in the field.

Application and Visa Assistance
Personalized assistance is provided to students to ensure error-free documentation.

Trained Faculty
At SFWWC Unisearch our only aim is to guide students for education overseas. With trained and certified faculty, we assure our students’ efficient training for exams and visa interview preparation. 

Study Material
At SFWWC Unisearch we provide students access to highly structured study material in the form of soft copy(PDF, DOC, EXCEL)

Personal attention
Along with this, students get complete financial assistance, travel assistance, forex assistance, pre-departure guidance, scholarship guidance, etc. through our team of expert counselors.

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