Cost of study in Singapore
The cost of study in
Singapore for international students could vary between SGD 2000 and 12,000.
The tuition cost is relatively inexpensive, and most universities offer
financial aid for international students.
Living expenses could
be SGD10,000, including stay, transport and food. Housing expenses (rent) could
be SGD 150–1000, depending on the type of accommodation the student selects.
Scholarships for international students
Singapore is a
country known for its academic excellence, and it has courses on offer that are
affordable. The Ministry of Education (MOE) provides financial aid to
international students studying in Singapore. Some universities comply with the
need-blind or merit-based admissions norms. Every deserving student who has a
good academic record and a lot of potential is granted admissions, regardless
of his/her financial difficulties, under need-blind admissions criteria.
You can apply for
scholarships at the following institutes in Singapore
1.    National University of Singapore
2.    Nanyang Technological University
3.    Singapore University of Technology and
Benefits of studying in Singapore
With its relatively
affordable education and top-notch courses, Singapore is an excellent study
destination for Indian students. The visa process is simple and hassle free as
well. Being very proximate to India also means cheaper air-fare.
Also institutions
from the USA, UK and Australia have opened satellite campuses in Singapore to
offer their courses at a subsidised cost. With so many positive factors in
place, Singapore has become an education hub and popular study abroad
destination for Asian students.
Want to experience a
global and youthful community of students in Singapore? This could be your
chance to study in one of the popular study destinations which has outpaced
many other countries in technology and research opportunities. Because of
Singapore’s education quality, many employers seek the graduates who have
experience studying in the country. You can be one of them too! Our counsellors
can help you plan your studies in Singapore.
students who wish to study abroad in Singapore will need a visa. However, the
application process is is linked to your university application. All students
accepted to study at a university in Singapore receive their visa with their
letter of approval.
It means that
successful applicants don’t need to apply for a visa directly since it’s issued
with their in-principle approval (IPA) letter which is provided by the institution.
This letter works as a visa and it can be used at entry checkpoints.
There is another
document needed for studying in Singapore: a Student Pass. You need to apply
for it no earlier than two months before your course begins, yet no later than
one month before your course commences. To obtain your Student Pass, you have
to sign up with the special Student’s Pass Online Application &
Registration System (SOLAR).
A Student Pass allows
you to work during your studies. All international students can work during
holidays but are limited to 16 hours of work per week in term time. However,
it’s important to note not all students are allowed to work during term-time,
so you will have to check regulations to see if it applies to you.
There are 4 official
languages recognized in Singapore: Chinese, Malay, Tamil and English. In
addition to these, there are more than 20 other languages spoken in Singapore.
These languages reflect the nation’s multicultural nature. Singapore has a
policy of bilingualism, so all domestic students learn in English but are also
taught the language of their own ethnicity (mother tongue).
It’s important to
know that English is the official language of instruction in Singapore, so all
international students who wish to study abroad in Singapore can expect courses
taught in English. When it comes to everyday life, more than 75% of population
speaks English too, so students who wish to study abroad in Singapore will have
no problems in communicating with locals.
One note for all
non-native English speakers who wish to study abroad in Singapore: in order to
be accepted by a college or university for study in Singapore, you will need to
present a proof of language proficiency. It means you have to pass an official
language test (for example – TOEFL or IELTS). Singapore has very high standards
when it comes to language proficiency and universities have demanding entry
standards, meaning it’s not likely they will accept students without good
English. For these reasons, it’s important to have excellent language skills if
you wish to study abroad in Singapore.

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